Thinking About Goats

Life can be confusing.  Is it a time to courageously step forward in faith?  Is it a time to patiently wait?  A beautiful truth we can know is that God will make His perfect plan known to those who seek Him. The Holy Spirit and Bible are both readily available.  When sought together, they bring much wisdom and direction.  However, that can be easier said than done.  After all, isn’t it more convenient to only talk the talk instead of also walking the walk?

This season of my blog seemed like the perfect time to share more about who I am and where I’m at in life.  My husband and I have been considering all the directions we could go as a family and asking ourselves many questions. 

“You must not only aim right, but draw your bow with all your might.” Henry David Thoreau

So far, I haven’t shared a whole lot about my personal life in my posts.  This is since most of the time I find it’s not necessary.  Blogs can be incredible resources and Facebook has brought a new social experience to the world.  While I take part in and thoroughly enjoy what both have to offer, it seems to me they could often be handled with more care and leave less details available for all eyes to read.  So, while sparing you the unnecessary details of my journey, I’ll hopefully give you something beneficial along the way to take from this writing :).

My husband and I will be married six years this July and our daughter will be two years old in just a couple of short weeks!  We’ve had a home in the town of Ulen, Minnesota our entire marriage, all the while considering a move into the country.  We’ve also always known we would like to have our own business.  These are the BIG topics that have been building up recently, causing us to explore our options.

Time does fly...

Time does fly…

...and keeps on flying!

…and keeps on flying!

Through lots of prayer, research and late nights talking, we finally have direction!  Our plans take both courage and patience.  We’re planning to stay put in our current home for the time being, but are moving forward on a new business venture.  By combining Joe’s woodworking and metalworking skills with my flair for arts and crafts, we’ve put together a business called Against The Grain!  For more on our business and pictures of what we create, check out our Etsy shop.

Even though Joe’s facility for piecing together his creations is a single stall garage…and my end is accomplished in our living room, we’re trudging ahead!

“Start where you are.  Use what you have.  Do what you can.” Arthur Ashe


This is one of our handcrafted, black walnut benches.

This is one of our handcrafted, black walnut benches.

Days that I’m able to be at home, which are thankfully quite often, are my favorites!  They’re filled with cooking, artwork, writing and housework.  Having a toddler, all of those tasks are obviously accomplished between puzzles, coloring, dress up, countless trips to the potty chair and multiple laps running around the house!  Oh, and I can’t forget the small toy or dog bone that’s stepped on at least once along the way… Of course big chunks of the day also slip by cuddling with my sweetie.

Princess time!  For Gracie, not me... Hey, why don't I have any princess dresses?!

Princess time! For Gracie, not me…
Hey, why don’t I have any princess dresses?!

However, like everyone else, we definitely have our off days.  Instead of singing while doing dishes, some afternoons I’m plugging my ears to muffle the noise of a screaming child.  When she’s struggling through one of those random fits, I look at Gracie and think, “Who is this demanding, crabby-pants and what did she do with my sweet, little girl?!”.  Parenting is a more wild, emotional roller coaster than anything else I’ve experienced.  Thankfully though, having a child has allowed me to have a better understanding of how God must see me. I’m certain He looks at me and thinks, “Who is this demanding, crabby-pants and what did she do with my sweet, little girl?!”.


At this point, you’re most likely wondering why, oh why, is this titled Thinking About Goats?  Allow me to explain.  My guess is that by now you’ve realized I’m not your normal twenty four year old girl.  I get my milk from a local farm and have homemade cheese aging in my fridge.  Chunks of wood and art supplies are piled on my kitchen table and the entire bottom half of my picture window is completely covered in toddler fingerprints and doggie nose smudges.  The goats only further my oddness by being involved in my future plans.

Down the road, I hope for my family to be in a modest home in the woods…with a shop just large enough for Joe to actually function efficiently.  I want to wake up and gather chicken eggs with Gracie and milk a couple goats.  Then continue on in my days with homeschooling, gardening, cooking, artwork, writing and “necessary” tasks such as laundry and cleaning. It seems like the hardworking, yet quaint existence I’ve always imagined…

So, those are my exciting and probably quite unique plans.  Now, time for the waiting game to see if they line up with God’s design for my family. Until then I’ll continue to lay awake at night planning my little homestead – wasting away my precious time for sleep while thinking about goats.

“I’m an idealist.  I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m on my way.” Carl Sandburg

Photo credit for goat picture:

Does greeting us via photopin (license)


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