Cake Without Frosting?

This post is going to be short and sweet πŸ™‚

I sincerely apologize for the unforeseen hiatus I’ve taken from blogging. There will be an update soon, but know that I fully intend to continue pursuing this blog. It has become a passion of mine that I’m incredibly excited to grow. My head is filled with a billion different topics, sentences, recipes, etc that need devoted time to be organized into coherent writings. The task before me is not a small one…

Here’s a sneak peak of upcoming posts I have planned:

β€’ Series on Making Dairy Products at Home! Ex: yogurt, butter, cheese

β€’ The MANY Uses of Coconut Oil

β€’ Healing Clays – A Forgotten Practice

β€’ Reviving Biblical Roles of Men and Women

β€’ Practicing Self Control in an Out of Control Culture

I’m extremely excited to write these posts! In order to accomplish them, I NEED your prayers. Satan has been attacking my mind and making it near impossible to focus.

So for now, you get this simple thought to ponder:

Living a life without love is like eating a piece of cake without frosting. When it sits in front of you long enough, you will end up eating the whole piece. This leaves you destined to have one of those moments where you look at the empty plate in front of you and think, “Hmm, I don’t even remember eating that…”

Baking cake is an effort made with the intention of seeing joy brought to others through the fruit of ones labor. This frosting-less square clearly did not bring joy. With a little extra effort it could’ve been the most delicious, make-you-sit-down-and-say-Mmmmm piece of cake in the world! Instead, it was consumed without notice.

Don’t be like that piece of cake.

“…but the greatest of these is love.”
1 Corinthians 13:13

P.S. Check out my husband and mines new Etsy store πŸ™‚

Against The Grain

photo credit: gateau chocolat / γ‚¬γƒˆγƒΌγ‚·γƒ§γ‚³γƒ© via photopin (license)


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