Banana Nut Ice Cream – Guilt Free, Only 3 Ingredients!

Does anyone else like to avoid sugar….but still have a sweet tooth? Well I do. And that has led to much experimentation in my kitchen – a pinch of failure here and a dash of success there in attempts to find healthy alternatives to traditional sweets. Making this recipe made my heart happy! Not only did my toddler love it, I made certain that every remaining bit left in the blender was thoroughly enjoyed before washing :).

Now, for the 3 simple ingredients! Drumroll please………

Bananas, any nut butter and pure vanilla extract – which I bet you have all of in your house right now! I used organic peanut butter, but I’m certain almond or sunflower butter would also be good if peanuts don’t jive with you – let me know if you try it!

Bananas tend to get a bad reputation among some health food crowds. Don’t be fooled. Yes, they have high sugar content. But they’re also high in many amazingly beneficial contents as well. When consumed in moderation or in place of a processed sweet, bananas are an incredibly healthy option. They’re high in vitamin C, vitamin B6, manganese, potassium, copper, fiber and biotin. These nutrients make bananas beneficial for normal blood pressure and heart function, maintained digestive health and muscle cramp prevention. Additionally, bananas coat the lining of the stomach which protects against corrosive acids. And high levels of tryptophan make bananas helpful for depression. They’re also high in antioxidants. Whew, that’s one nutritional fruit! So, feel happy about eating bananas – not guilty.

This recipe is a variation of one found on Pinch of Yum – a wonderful and inspirational food blog!


2 ripe bananas
2 heaping tbsp of any nut butter
1 tsp pure vanilla extract


Peel the banana and cut it into chunks, roughly 1/2″. Place them in the freezer for about an hour, or until just frozen.

Put the frozen banana chunks, nut butter and vanilla in a blender. Blend until well mixed and smooth.


You will definitely be surprised at how closely this mixture resembles real ice cream! It’s a truly pleasant surprise. However, the bliss doesn’t last forever – you definitely need to eat it right away or stick it in the freezer for later enjoyment. It should never see the refrigerator. The characteristics you love about it will leave and become somewhat slimy in texture. I know from experience…

This healthy snack disguised as ice cream is enjoyable by itself. But it can also be viewed as the beginning of a whole new world of possibilities! Top a bowl of it with fresh fruit and cinnamon, caramel and sea salt or chocolate chips and chopped nuts. Mm mmm! Get creative and see what new creations you discover with banana nut ice cream!


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