Explore The Uses Of Garlic!

We are blessed to live in a time of advanced medical technology. Taking advantage of what our current clinics and hospitals have to offer can be a very wise decision. My family definitely does when circumstances deem it necessary. But I absolutely LOVE when I’m able to treat something at home with natural, “old-school” methods!

Hippocrates, a Greek physician often referred to as “the father of Western medicine”, commonly prescribed garlic as a treatment for multiple medical ailments. He said the following,

“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.”

That’s a beautiful philosophy I hope to successfully implement in my home. Throughout history, several cultures have used garlic not only for cooking, but also for its therapeutic benefits (or possibly for warding off vampires, close-talkers, etc). I’m pretty much obsessed with cooking with it, so I might as well see what else I can do with garlic-the-wonder-vegetable!

It’s a natural antiinflammatory and antibiotic. Garlic is also high in Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, manganese and small amounts of many other beneficial nutrients. Unfortunately, heating garlic removes some of these amazing qualities. Heating it over medium heat for less than five minutes has been shown to allow garlic to keep most of the benefits from its raw state. It’s still a wonderfully rewarding food to cook with, but in order to fully reap its wide array of benefits, garlic is best to eat raw.

I know, I know…yuck! In order to eat raw garlic you don’t have to plop a whole clove into your mouth and chew away while trying to disguise feelings of horror. We’ll discuss some enjoyable ways to add raw garlic into our diets….but after we look at a list of its many fascinating benefits and uses!

1. Boosts immunity – Garlic’s been shown to aid in preventing the common cold and flu. It can also help to reduce the level of their severity.

2. Improves high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

3. Prevention from certain cancers – When consumed raw, garlic’s been shown to help protect against lung, prostate, breast, stomach, rectal and colon cancers.

4. Treat ear infections – The use of garlic for ear infection treatment is a common remedy used throughout the world. The bacteria that cause ear infections can be killed by garlic. Simply drip a couple drops of garlic oil into the infected ear canal as needed throughout the day (as long as the ear drum is not perforated). Garlic oil can either be purchased, or you can make some yourself. Mince a clove of garlic and saute it in 1 tsp of oil for just under five minutres. Allow to cool and strain out the garlic.

5. Treat yeast infections – This is another common remedy known throughout the world. The antifungal properties in garlic help to get rid of the infection.

6. Cure athlete’s foot – Garlic has natural antifungal properties that come in handy for this, too. Just put a few cloves of crushed garlic into warm water. Soak your feet in it for about thirty minutes.

7. Get rid of cold sores – Cut a clove of garlic in half. Apply it to a cold sore for ten minutes several times a day. No, you won’t smell good for that day and the acid levels of garlic can cause some discomfort when initially applied. But it has been shown to be equally as effective as expensive treatments that can be purchased and comes with no side effects. You’ll have to weigh out the pros and cons for yourself.

8. Treat acne – The antibacterial properties of garlic can help lesson a difficult to treat breakout. Slice open a raw clove and apply to the effected area for ten minutes.

9. Pesticide and mosquito spray – I’m excited to try these ones! For instructions on making the pesticide spray look here: Pest Control Options ; for mosquito spray look here: Wise Bread.

Now, here’s some ways to add fresh, raw garlic to our diets.
– Add minced garlic to homemade ranch instead of garlic powder. (Homemade ranch is so easy! Simply mix mayo or yogurt with milk to your desired consistency and add salt, pepper, onion powder or dried minced onion, dill and garlic!)
– Add to homemade salsa.
– Add to homemade guacamole.
– Put on toast with butter.
– Put in oil and vinegar salad
– Top spaghetti or any other pasta dish
with raw, minced garlic.

Get creative and see what you can come up with!

Well, who knew? Looks like you better add some fresh garlic to your next grocery list!

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